Environment measuring container

Environment measuring container

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Project information

Project description:

Rijkswaterstaat approached Marine Systems to come up with an offer for a new environment measuring container. This environment measuring container is intended for use on board ships for taking water samples to test the quality of the water. These tests are done both in a salt water and a freshwater environment. The water is sucked by a pump and then directed through pipes to draw-off taps, where the water is subsequently collected in bottles.   

Marine Systems designed, tested and delivered this environment measuring container.

The assignment consisted of:

  • Drawing up a plan of action;
  • Designing, engineering and drawing the environment measuring container (sketch, refinement and final drawing);
  • The building of a 10 ft container;
  • Assembly of installations and measuring equipment;
  • Starting up installations and measuring equipment;
  • Providing an intermediate and a final dossier;
  • Attending a test day on site.

Client: Rijkswaterstaat

The data collection & analysis division of Rijkswaterstaat is in charge of improving the control over existing data and collecting new data.   

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