At the behest of Rijkswaterstaat, Marine Systems has built a laboratory container. Rijkswaterstaat’s collection & data analysis department is working on improving control over existing data and gathering new data.

This laboratory container is used on ships for taking water samples in order to check the quality of the water. These measurements are carried out in both salt and freshwater environments. The water is sucked in through a pump and sampled in the container.

Marine Systems has designed, built, tested and delivered this laboratory container.

The assignment consisted of:

  • Establishing a plan of action;
  • The design, engineering and drawing of the laboratory container (SO, VO and DO);
  • Building a 10 ft. container;
  • Assembling installations and measuring instruments;
  • Commissioning installations and measuring instruments;
  • Performing a FAT test;
  • Providing an interim and final dossier;
  • Conducting a SAT test.