Marine Systems has contributed to the development, supply and maintenance of research equipment since its inception in 2015. Research equipment is mainly supplied to Rijkswaterstaat and research institutes. More and more companies also know where to find us for the implementation of services related to research equipment.


In addition to customer-specific requests for the engineering and implementation of research equipment or supporting installations or components, Marine Systems has over time accumulated knowledge of various research equipment. Different equipment can be supplied in variations. Below is a collection of products that Marine Systems can deliver.

  • Research containers;
  • Current meter fish;
  • Winch units;
  • Radar pole;
  • Soil sampling equipment;
  • ADCP frames

The research containers, as well as various winches, are used for different purposes. These are further described and explained on the products page under research containers and umbilical winches / reels.

Measure fish

The measure fish consists of a frame with a number of sensors and is used to collect data. The data that has to be collected is measured simultaneously in the water. The measure fish is used at different depths. The measuring fish is part of a larger measuring system. A umbilical winch is used to bring the measuring fish to the deck, when releasing into the water and to keep the measuring fish at the right tension.

Radar pole

The radar poles measure the water level and are mainly used on measuring poles at sea, in ports and at bridges and locks. There are both fixed and adjustable setups of radar poles.

Soil sampling equipment

Marine Systems builds customer-specific soil sampling equipment which are used to investigate sand/soil material. The sand/soil material is collected using an attached clamshell.

Maintenance is also performed on box corers and other soil sampling equipment such as sieve tables, collection trolleys and Vanveenhappers (large and small). Marine Systems is currently carrying out maintenance for all Rijkswaterstaat soil sampling equipment.