Marine Systems specialises in designing, drawing, calculating and advising; consider, for example, installations, machines and parts. In addition to the engineering of self-designed innovative installations, the engineers can provide the client with fitting solutions. If you are looking for a new or adapted product and/or machine, Marine Systems is happy to design and implement it for you.

Utilising 3D technology, Marine Systems can clearly present and animate the design, allowing you to immediately see how your product/machine functions. Marine Systems considers it important to be in close contact with the client during the development process, to ultimately be able to offer a design that optimally meets the client’s wishes.

Due to our experience and knowledge in the field of engineering, Marine Systems can assist the client in the thought process to achieve the desired result together.

In the mechanical engineering field, the engineers mainly use the Inventor programme whereas, in the electrical field, E-plan is used. Both the mechanical and electrical engineers also have knowledge and experience of/with other software.