Marine Systems handles all issues, from application to the commissioning and the subsequent maintenance. Marine Systems’ technicians have the right product knowledge and experience to implement, adjust or maintain a UV installation. Our engineers are regularly involved in the process in order to integrate the UV installation most cost-effectively.

UV installations are used to disinfect water and air. The disinfection process is applied when the water and/or air is contaminated with microorganisms. The ultraviolet light ensures that the bonds in the molecules of the organism are broken down so that the organism is no longer able to grow or multiply.

The choice of a particular installation depends on several factors. The UV dose, time (reactor capacity and flow pipework) and UV intensity (lamp capacity and transmission value) play a major role in this.

Marine Systems offers UV installations with capacities ranging from 1 m³/h to 4,000 m³/h (larger UV installations in consultation). Due to the limited maintenance sensitivity (energy efficiency and lamp lifespan), Marine Systems prefers to supply and install systems with low-pressure UV lamps.

Is there a problem within your organisation in terms of water treatment and disinfection? Please feel free to contact us.