At different locations, there may, for various reasons, be a need for an extra water supply. Consider, for example, a festival or construction site. Without installing additional pipes for a water supply, a water support container can also be used. The water support container can both draw from its storage tank(s) (2000 litres) and be connected to an external water supply.

The water in the container is continuously filtered by a pump and UV system. Another added value of the container is that it has a monitoring system that monitors and maintains the water quality 24/7. Furthermore, the containers are provided with a climate control system to keep the temperature in the container constant.

The operation of the current system is based on the supply of clean drinking water. Using a reverse osmosis system and possibly other filters, it is also possible to treat water with a different (less clean) quality. Our specialists in the field of water treatment determine for each circumstance which treatment is desired and required.

Water container