For Xylem Water Solutions, we integrated a Wedeco UV installation and the associated pipework into the water treatment process at a swimming pool.

The assignment consisted of:

  • Engineering new situation on location;
  • Disassembling pipework;
  • Installing pipework;
  • Assembling frame for UV installation;
  • Assembling UV installation;
  • Implementing adjustments to the electrical supply.

At the project site, we had to deal with a tight space in which the UV installation had to be integrated. This made the assembly of the UV installation and the pipework more complex.

After the implementation, we commissioned the installation in conjunction with the client and Xylem Water Solutions.

Probably, As of 2021, several changes will be made to the Water Act. The most concrete change is the adjusted amount of bound chlorine that is permitted in the water of swimming pools, as per 2021. This change means that many swimming pools have to adjust their water treatment process to reduce the amount of bound chlorine. The most obvious solution for this is the application of UV technology. Ultraviolet light ensures that the bacteria, viruses and fungi present in the water are eliminated, and as a consequence, less chlorine needs to be added to the water.