For mobile units or in situations where electricity is (temporarily) required and not immediately available, Marine Systems supplies “solar poles”. Consider, for example, (measuring) systems at sea, in ports or in remote areas. In addition, we also carried out a complete overhaul of a solar pole for a client.

For a client, Marine Systems completely renovated an existing solar pole. The existing solar pole had been there since the 1990s and had been inoperative for quite some time. The solar panels mounted on the solar pole supply energy to the adjacent nursing home.

The assignment consisted of;

  • Disconnecting the current cables from the electricity grid;
  • Disassembling the 20 panels;
  • Disassembling the display;
  • Carrying out excavation work (from solar pole to nursing home, 60 metres);
  • Adjusting the current steel construction (for the installation of other panels);
  • Preserving the entire steel structure;
  • Assembling the 10 new panels;
  • Programming software for reading out the display;
  • Assembling the new display;
  • Implementing and commissioning the converter and kilowatt-hour meter;
  • Commissioning the solar pole.

The solar pole supplies the residents of the adjacent nursing home with electricity and serves a social function as a gathering place for people.

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