Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat CIV, measuring department, Marine Systems commissioned a measuring pontoon and installed water -quality and -quantity sensors in Janaury 2022.

Using the measurement data which is collected by the sensors of this measuring pontoon, the salinity is determined at different depths. The data is used for monitoring purposes and enables water managers, among other things, to make decisions.

Marine Systems has executed the following activities on location:

  • Install the conductivity- and temperature sensors at the correct sensor depths;
  • Installing and commissioning the data- collection and -communication equipment;
  • Conducting, securing and connecting sensor cables;
  • Aligning and connecting the solar panels;
  • Executing reference measurements and checking the sensor depths.

The realization of the new location is part of a larger project in which Rijkswaterstaat is investing in data collection on and around the Krammersluis.