centrifuge container

centrifuge container

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Project information

Project description:

Rijkswaterstaat asked Marine Systems to renovate a centrifuge container. To be able to make a suitable proposal, we first did an inspection of the location. Based on this inspection, we made a proposal with a detailed explanation of the renovation work.   

The assignment consisted of:

  • Removal of corroded sheets;
  • Removal of flaking paint and corroded elements; application of three coats of paint on the whole of the container’s outside;
  • Supply and assembly of fasteners (to prevent moisture between the sheeting);
  • Putting metal sheeting on the container’s sides to protect the container from work on deck;
  • Extra skirting over the standing skirting boards on the inside. 

Client: Rijkswaterstaat

The Data Collection & Analysis division of Rijkswaterstaat is in charge of improving the control over existing data and collecting new data.


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